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ZHENGZHOU NANBEI INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is affiliated to NANBEI INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED. It is the famous integrated equipment supplier in Chinese equipment field. After years of development,it has become a research,development,production and sales as one of the independent legal personality persified technology group. The headquartered is in ZHENGZHOU (International Air Port Area),China. And it also has the office in BEIJING,SHANGHAI, SHENZHEN, and HONGKANG China...

RE-5220 Rotary evaporator...

Introduction: 1. RE-522020LEfficientCondensationRotaryEvaporator 2. Production-orientedlarge-capacityrotatingsteamrotaryevaporatorflask.Increasetheevaporationarea,placedinawaterbathundervacuum,sidespin,whileheating,soproliferatingofhigh-per

RE-5210 Rotary Evaporator...

Introduction: 1. RE-5210LaboratoryRotaryEvaporator 2. Production-orientedlarge-capacityrotatingsteamrotaryevaporatorflask.Increasetheevaporationarea,placedinawaterbathundervacuum,sidespin,whileheating,sothattheproliferationofhigh-performanc

RE-5203 Rotary Evaporator ...

Introduction: 1. RE-52031~3LRotaryEvaporator 2. Production-orientedlarge-capacityrotatingsteamrotaryevaporatorflask.Increasetheevaporationarea,placedinawaterbathundervacuum,sidespin,whileheating,soproliferatingofhigh-performancesolutionevap

RE-5298A Rotary evaporator...

Introduction: 1. RE-5298A0.05~3LRotaryEvaporator 2. Production-orientedlarge-capacityrotatingsteamrotaryevaporatorflask.Increasetheevaporationarea,placedinawaterbathundervacuum,sidespin,whileheating,soproliferatingofhigh-performancesolution

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The involved products of our company are throughout the universities, research institutes, factories and enterprises,chemical and pharmaceutical,medical,inspection,agriculture, food,super,metallurgical mining,construction,petroleum,roads and bridges and other industries,products with superior performance.Based on fast attentive service,great value, exports more than 120 countries and regions,out products are alike by domestic and foreign merchants. In the production process,we strictly enforce product manufacturing requirements. And we have established a complete quality management system,so the product quality has a reliable guarantee.

Brief Introduction

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People-oriented , mutual trust and common development

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inspire us to pursue excellence, create the perfect.

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NANBEI is cooperated with Alibaba Group in early days for our company product promotion. According to Google, Alibaba, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing as the key development platform of NANBEI company. see more

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Provide continuous, efficient and fast services to users, build superior service brand;
Establish a sound service network, provide specialized, standardized and diversified products and services;
User-centric, customer satisfaction will be the standard measure of all the work;
Provide Life-long repair and maintenance services , supply spare parts with free lifetime in time;
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NANBEI head office is located in Central city in China: ZHENGZHOU city, Henan Province. Where is the major city Eurasian railway, the first Airport economic comprehensive experimental area in China, where the high-speed railway, highway accessible. Our company has offices in Shanghai of China: Shanghai ZhengHong Industrial Co., Ltd. +86 21 61998707, who is mainly sell products in china and provide after-sale service, and export.
NANBEI Chinese web:
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Customer message

Could you tell me how to buy your products in Canada? How long does it take to Montreal port of shipping

-Michael White

I have used laboratory low temperature refrigerator, the heating rate is very quick, please give me an electronic manual, thank you!

-Chris paul

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