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BSC-1500ⅡB2 100% Exhaust single person Biological safety cabinet




Product Introduction

 Material and main features:

Working zone interior is made of 304 stainless steel

Vertical laminar flow design

Body: 1.5mm Epoxy coated cold rolled steel

Ergonomic 10 degree sloped front for comfortable use.


Two persons:

External dimension of the device (mm):1500×800×2235

Dimensions in operation area (mm):1360×628×620

Single person:

External dimension of the device (mm):1100×800×2235

Dimensions in operation area (mm):960×628×620

Technical parameters:

Tested Opening: 200mm (safety Height ≤ 200mm)

Inflow Velocity: ≥ 0.55m/s

Down Flow Velocity: ≥ 0.35m/s

Filter: ULPA filter(99.9995% efficent - 0.3microns)

Noise: ≤60dB

Lighting: ≥1000LX

Half Peak Value of vibration: ≤ 4um (X.Y.Z direction)

Cleanliness class : class 100(Φ≥0.5um Federal 209E)

Density of dust particles with the diameter≥0.5m in each liter air in the work space ≤ 3.5grains/L

Electrical parameter: 220V/50Hz

Airflow System:

1. 70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust

2. 100% air total exhaust

Clean Level: class 100(209EUS Federal)

Foot Switch: within the range of activity, we could use foot switch to adjust the height of the front panel, it is our unique design.


Bscs are used to provide primary containment in the laboratory when the investigator is using potentially infectious materials

Bscs are necessary in animalcule lab, especially in the condition needing protection measure, such as medicine, pharmacy, food hygiene, scientific research etc

ClassⅡ: the classⅡ BCS is an open -front, ventilated cabinet, it will provide personnel, environment and production protection

BSC-1500ⅡB2 100% Exhaust single person Biological safety cabinet Please inquiry,we will reply in 24h
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