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Common faults of rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator is a common evaporation equipment, which consists of rotor, stator and heater. During use, various failures may occur. Therefore, when using a rotary evaporator, keep it clean at all times, and regularly maintain it so as to ensure the normal operation.

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Solutions for common faults of vacuum rotary evaporator:

I. The rotor cannot rotate

If the rotor of the rotary evaporator cannot rotate, there are usually the following reasons:

1. Motor failure: the motor is damaged or the power line is not in good contact. The specific performance is that the motor has no sound or rotates slowly.

2. System blockage: system blockage causes the fluid to enter the pipeline to be blocked or the system leaks.

3. Loose conveyor belt: if the conveyor belt is slack, it will easily cause the material liquid to be squeezed, making it difficult for the rotor to rotate.

It is necessary to check one by one according to the above situations, and carry out corresponding repair or replacement.

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II. Temperature instability

If the temperature is unstable when the chemical rotary evaporator is running, quickly check the following two points:

1. Heater failure: If there is a thermocouple or heating plate failure during use, it will easily lead to temperature instability or slow reaction rate.

2. Condenser failure: The condenser takes over the generated steam. If the condenser pipe is blocked or lacks cooling water, the temperature may be unstable.

In view of the above situation, it needs to be repaired or replaced accordingly.

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III. Material liquid splash

If there is splashing of material liquid during use of lab rotary evaporator, the main reason is that the equipment is not cleaned in time or the position of the conveyor belt is wrong. At the same time, pay attention to reducing the pressure inside the evaporator vessel.

IV. Leakage problem

If there is a leakage problem during use, it is necessary to immediately cut off the power supply and carry out inspection and maintenance to ensure safe use.


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